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The trivia that is Summer Camp

Ugh... This whole immersion camp 2004 biz is bugging me!

So I'm really uneasy about the whole En Français à Québec thing... I don't want to go to some place for 5 weeks and then hate it! And now that I have a lot more to miss at home, I wouldn't want to get unbearably homesick... Y'know? Because last year I did, and I really didn't have anything to miss at home - not like I do now! And this is two and and a half times as long - and I don't even bloody know the people!

I think I'd probably be a lot better off going back to PIAF

I love the PIAF people so much (PIERRE!!!! MARIE-CLAUDE!!!!!!! And that girl whose name I don't remember that called me "Michelle, Ma Belle" all the time!!!!!!) and the town is so fab... and I haven't visited the whole town yet (Natasha's day trip...) - and even then there's so much more to it! If I were to get a bus pass... I could go everywhere! And - if for some odd reason I'm still in IB by the end of the year - there are 5 libraries in the Trois-Rivieres area... Plus it's more of a small town so it's probably less diluded by outside opinions, like a large town like Quebec would tend to be - y'know?

And the price - um... yeah! The En Français folk are kinda messed up with their payment process (a $2000 post-dated cheque - WHAT?!) and then there's PIAF who takes all major credit cards...

And I know them! I know that they won't kill me - I know that they aren't some stuck up bible-thumpers which, as far as I know, the En français people could be... And 5 weeks is a long time to hate something

I have yet to check out if the trains work for PIAF - must go check... right now LOL Maybe I could even not have to be in Canada at 6 am - that'd be happy!

And the thing about that is, there's a shuttle bus from the Montréal train station to the airport where PIAF folk will be... So I get on that shuttle and find my way to International arrivals, where Pierre will be - and I'm set... And if I for some odd reason couldn't take the PIAF shuttle - I could just get on the intercity bus (such fun!) and get to Trois-Riviéres that way for like $20 Canadian

Travel is so much fun - but rather frusterating at times LOL

Ok, well I'm going to go now - more later =)
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