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well hello there - haven't updated you in a while

wow - life is very french lately =)

Oy... there is sooooo much drama going on in the realm of high school french right now - it's disgusting

SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO - Madame Trepanier has Cancer. Not cool. She's been out for about a week now because she had a surgery and so we've got this sub. Borgess. She's a fucking dolt! Sure she's a native speaker, but that's all she is... She doesn't know her own language, she just knows how they speak it - not how to teach it! And of all things we're learning subjunctive: one of the tenses that's so difficult for FSL students to learn, but oh so naturel for natives to do. She doesn't bloody know what she's talking about - I can explain things better than her!

So anyway - we had Madame Blake (See also:French Teacher at Central, the school across town) come in today to talk to us about the Orals. She's a bloody effing goddess! She is a native speaker, but you can only tell so when she rattles off to Borgess - otherwise she just sounds like another midwesterner! And yeah.............. BASICALLY - Borgess sucks and Blake rocks, so I just wrote Borgess an e-mail asking if she thought I could take French at Central next year instead of Northern... Because I think their curriciulum isn't as screwed over there as it is at Northern (I'm sposed to be in 4, but I"m in 5 along with some other dolts)... and I really want to take it as it's mean to be taken - not some messed up hybrid that we've got going on at Northern..... damnitall

In other news, we made the down payment for PIAF a while back - tis amusing =) I'm now patiently awaiting a welcome package

I got a really cool book on French Verbs today - I think I have too many French books, honestly

I'm done because I need to do homework... damn

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