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long time no see..

I don't really have all that much to say here, but I might as well update for the heck of it..

I watched 5 episodes of "the Fire Within" - the TV show about Cirque Du Soliel and I got horribly homesick.. They kept showing the International terminal at Montréal.. A place I knew OH too well!

I remember being in that damn terminal for 2 or 3 hours totally lost, not knowing what to do.. Crazy Pierre..

But I do remember seeing the exact same sign and jackets for Cirque Du Soleil as I saw in the show today - it was really neat! I was watching it going - holy hell, I could be one of those people walking past...

And then it was very nice to hear the québecois accent again =)

Hmm what else... OH! I'm officially angry at the world because the Roméo et Juliette DVD is utterly unattainable! The CD can be gotten at a price, but the DVD is seriously MIA.. Only available through amazon.fr which runs in Euros and yeah - don't feel like messing with that shit!

I'm such a pissy kitten over it

Alright, well I suppose I'll be going now

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