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*neurveuse* [15 May 2005|02:26pm]
[ mood | accomplished ]


I just took my french placement test

I cheated just a little bit [I used the si clause notes I took the other day] but I felt good about the rest of it.

It was seriosuly an AP test. I'm not even joking, it looked exactly like all the random prep AP tests I took for it back when I was still planning on doing so! So bizarre.

But it was easy.

I feel really good about it.

But I'm nervous!! When we took a test like that in Quebec, I totally failed when I felt pretty much just as good... egads!

I'll cry if I have to take an easy french class in college, omg *twitch*

Wish me luck!

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Best movie I've seen in a while [16 Apr 2005|10:50pm]
[ mood | calm ]

Love me If you Dare or Jeux D'Enfants [the french title is so much better] is the best french flick I've seen since Amelie. And even that is put into question - it was seriously that good!

And it had the cute little french lady [Marion something or other] from Big Fish in it! And she's a very good little actrice!

My favorite part about watching french movies [and this was especially true of this particular one because the french was very clear] is that afterwards, my brain is so accustomed to hearing french that I don't recognize the english around me. It's bizarre, but I'll just assume that what I'm hearing is in French and so I'll have to translate - only it's not in French... it's so hard to explain if you've never had it happen to you before, but it's some serious cognitive processing going on... See, that's the sort of thing I wanna go in to!

That happened to me on the Day of Silence, too. I was thinking in French almost the entire day because the way that I normally get my brain out of "French mode" is to speak in English which, of course, I wasn't doing that day... so my brain was on perma-French all day - it was sort of nifty.

Mmmm La Musiqe d'Amelie is goodness that I haven't experienced in a while *happy*

Bonne nuit!


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[08 Mar 2005|08:52am]
I have had a couple fantastic French like experiences that I haven't talked about on here... imagine that

So a few weekends ago, we had this competition for WG... And we always have a "Homeroom" to change in - well, by some stroke of luck, our homeroom was a French classroom... You can imagine how automatically giddy I was

After having gotten ready [before everyone else, as is normal], I scanned the teacher's book case for anything fantastic... And I found it. Holy crap. It was this book basically of pictures [although what text it did have was in French] of Québec City!! It was almost like that series of pictures I posted a while ago, where it was all the picutres I should have taken of the city... And there was even a picture [or a couple, actually] of the little statue right in front of the Chateau Natasha and I sat by and read while we were waiting other kids to meet up with us to eat... It was SOOOO cool

And I got to show some of my friends all the stairs at Montmorency that I failed to get a decent picture of LOL

And then last night I had another fabulous dream about going back.. I know that it's pretty much impossible now, considering the program kinda got cancelled, but it was still so fun to dream. I remember walking down the street in Centre Ville and taking picutres cuz I never got a chance to - and doing a good job at mkaing friends this time - and actually being able to converse with the monitors... it was sweet =)

Ok, done gushing now teehee
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long time no see.. [05 Dec 2004|09:37pm]
[ mood | okay ]

I don't really have all that much to say here, but I might as well update for the heck of it..

I watched 5 episodes of "the Fire Within" - the TV show about Cirque Du Soliel and I got horribly homesick.. They kept showing the International terminal at Montréal.. A place I knew OH too well!

I remember being in that damn terminal for 2 or 3 hours totally lost, not knowing what to do.. Crazy Pierre..

But I do remember seeing the exact same sign and jackets for Cirque Du Soleil as I saw in the show today - it was really neat! I was watching it going - holy hell, I could be one of those people walking past...

And then it was very nice to hear the québecois accent again =)

Hmm what else... OH! I'm officially angry at the world because the Roméo et Juliette DVD is utterly unattainable! The CD can be gotten at a price, but the DVD is seriously MIA.. Only available through amazon.fr which runs in Euros and yeah - don't feel like messing with that shit!

I'm such a pissy kitten over it

Alright, well I suppose I'll be going now


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Cercle Français [24 Sep 2004|07:19am]
Hey, long time no see

So...... French club started on Wednesday! Twas - insane.

I didn't expect as many people to be there as there were, we had something like 20 show up!

Most of them were underclassmen, however there were about 4 or 5 from my class =) It made me a very happy Frenchie

Major downfall : Mr. Perk decided that 'the kids' would like it more if we watched Spider-Man with French dubbing rather than an actually French movie... Wtf, mate?

And so, having already seen the movie numerous times, most everyone left early. Actually, everyone left early. I really dont' think this would have happened if it had been a movie that was interesting and nobody had seen before. Even like, Amélie or something. But whatever =)

I got a bunch of people's e-mail addresses so I'm going to send them links and whatnot - twill be fun =)

Aaaaaand yeah - it was an adventure

But now, I'm off to do that whole school thing teehee


P.S. Yesterday I got Anne-Claire (see below post) on my partner map for French. That makes me very happy, considering that well... she's french LOL
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wow... insani-french [29 Aug 2004|02:14pm]
Damn, this has been a few weeks of french INSANITY

So, on Friday, I talked to Emily Morris who just came back from a Month at French camp... needless to say, she's totally converted to my cause and is super excited about the club... then she just mentioned in passing that

We have a French exchange student!!!

Holy hell, it's so friggin cool! She's a senior, her name is something hypenated (like Marie-Claude or something) and she's from Marsailles! Holy shit, this is gonna make my year sooooooooooooo cool! You know me, I'm such a dork, and a dork put together with the object of her dork-isms makes an even bigger dork!

I'm so happy!

Then yesterday, I found out that one of my Albion friends just randomly updates her LJ in French sometimes... like, good french.. Like, I'd have a hard time writing that good of French, french..

AND THEN I just got an e-mail from Mr. Perk =) In French =) For the sake of posterity, here it is:
Bonjour Renée! Mieux en retard que jamais? Viens me voir cette semaine s'il
te plaît...je serai ravi de te parler du cercle français. C'est
incroyable...aujourd'hui, c'est le dernier jour de nos vacances :(!! Bonne
rentrée et à bientôt!!! Monsieur Perk

WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEe for ye of no translation, he says that he's stoked to talk to me about French club and he wants me to come see him this week *giggle*

I'm giddy

OH, and I got XP so now I can hit Ctrl+Shift and switch over to my loyal Multilingual Standard Canadian keyboard!! Donc écriver avec beaucoup des accents en français est facile - whééééééééééé ... je ne peux pas penser des mots avec des accents... euh... s'il te plaît? à la carte hehehe

D'ac, je dois aller... Faire un papier pour l'anglais... piece de merde........

À bientôt!

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this is so weird! [20 Jun 2004|09:11am]
ok, so I was just looking for a new picture to put on this journal, right? and I came across this website... I'm looking at some of the photos and they are seriously some of the few memories I have of Quebec City... So I feel a need to show these to you, because it's CREEPY

the PhotosCollapse )


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Le Club de Français [20 Jun 2004|08:37am]
[ mood | giddy ]

ooooh, I'm excited!

Ok, so a few weeks ago (like... the last day of school) I decided that I wanted to revive the French club at Northern... It'd be fun, potentially inform me of other french nuts at my school, pretty much ensure me the French department award, and make colleges take a second glance at my application... cool, no?

But since Northern has a bunch of Communists in admin., I knew I'd need teacher support (basically, someone to babysit us during the meetings)... Well since Madame is, as far as I know, still battling cancer, I wrote Mr. Perk an e-mail...

Then 3 weeks passed

Finally, I saw him yesterday at Zeil's open house - it was weird because just as we were leaving, Zeil mentioned something to me about French and we stopped to chat for a few minutes... Right as we were turning to leave, who else but Mr. Perk walked in! Twas perfect

So I went up to him and told him to check his school e-mail... And then said that I wanted to revive the club and he got all happy and said he'd love to help me out XD So I'm very happy now

Soooo, that means that I've got to figure out the different things I need for this mother and get some plans worked up... I'm soooooooooooo excited!!!

Right, well I'm out now


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Allo! [14 Apr 2004|11:32am]
[ mood | giddy ]

wow - I haven't updated this journal in ages

In the realm of H.S. French, things are actually looking up... Borgess really isn't that horrible, when she's not trying to teach us the hardest thing for a native speaker to teach... She's freaking adorable, really... I've learned how to do an English-speaking French accent woot...

I had my oral before spring break and holy hell it went well! That's when I really started like Borgess becuase she was so damn nice to me! After she ranted to me for over half an hour (in French because she realized I could actually understand her when she spoke at a normal rate), I realized how tough this job must be on her and how trapped she must feel not being able to talk normal to anyone, even her highest level class! So yes, peace has been made with her

Lol, I haven't even told this journal about PIAF yet - damn... Basically, I'm most likely (leaning very strongly to almost certainly) not going... Because my band is going to England next year, where I would die to go! The primary reason why I love Quebec so much is because of its European charm... Guess what, England is Europe! AND there's the whole being away from home for an entire month issue... Like, it's not that I woudln't adore being in Quebec for that long, but if the people were to be anything like last year without a Natasha (aka someone very much like me with a high level of sanity) - I totally wouldn't make it! Hell, I was homesick during the 2 weeks, I'd hate to think what it would be like for an entire month! And this is my last real summer of Highschool, I want to enjoy all of it, damnit! If I were to go, I would literally have 3 weeks of summer - GROSS... And then there's the whole Cam issue - this is our last chance to spend time together before he goes off to college - which will suck major... Being apart for an entire month really isnt' ideal in that situation...

Besides, then I will be bloody rich for England (whcih is only 10 days, btw)

AAAAAAAAAANNND, I can spend a little bit of the money (like... $40 - 50) on some of the french music I want to buy... Like Francis Cabrel's Hors-Saison *dies*

Speaking of Hors-Saison, I just made a completely personal interpretation of that song today, I was so proud of myself! And I think it may actually be close to what it really means - wooooooooooooot... The DVD of that album would be totally shibby too mmmmmmmm... or Romeo et Juliette holy hell *faint*... maybe I'll go look that up!!!!!!

Right, well I think I'm going to go now... Au Revior!


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well hello there - haven't updated you in a while [16 Mar 2004|09:15pm]
[ mood | busy ]

wow - life is very french lately =)

Oy... there is sooooo much drama going on in the realm of high school french right now - it's disgusting

begin rantCollapse )

In other news, we made the down payment for PIAF a while back - tis amusing =) I'm now patiently awaiting a welcome package

I got a really cool book on French Verbs today - I think I have too many French books, honestly

I'm done because I need to do homework... damn


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Holy shit [26 Feb 2004|11:14am]
[ mood | bouncy ]

this is me in heaven!!!!!!!

... Anything and everything I ever wanted to know about french - honestly! Made for freaques JUST like me... so weird!

And the funniest part is I found it whilst looking for a chatroom!

In other news...

My parents are super tossing up the idea of driving to Quebec - how cool??

That way, they'd get to see my obsession - and I would too hahaha

Not to mention, it's hella cheaper which means more spending money for me which is always a happy thing

they're for sure going to send in the payment soon!! *bounce*

Right, well I'm home from school and haven't so much as touched homework yet, so I best get going... Toodloo!

OH~! and I've been finding soooo much super shibby music lately - holy hell!

My new favs: Tyro, La Chicane (Cabrel gone Quebecois, I swear), Patrick Bruel (if Cab did a cover of his song, you know he's got to be good), Saez (weird = cool) and Danny Bédar (he sounds american - omg).............. *in heaven*


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*mouth gaping* [16 Jan 2004|10:52am]
wow... Uh... wow

I thought I didn't do too well on my french exam, right? We had a bunch of questions on an article and then had to write two essay/letter thingies... I know I totally effed up the second letter... But then I heard today that the scores were already up on the PIV, so I checked... uh... I got 102.8 percent *blink*

... so aparently it was curved and I set the curve... oops?
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Une petite chose en français [11 Jan 2004|05:24pm]
Je pense que j'ai besion d'écriver en français - oui

J'ai un grand grand examan (en français) cette semaine et pour le premier fois, j'ai peur! J'pense que c'est parce que, cette année j'ai un prof qui, suprise suprise, peut enseigner... aye

Oooh, aujourd'hui, j'ai trouvé un nouveau chanteur (à qui je peux obsesser!)... Réellement, je lui ai connais depuis quelques années (il a fait un "cover" d'un chanson Beatles), mais aujourd'hui, j'ai appris qu'il est quebecois!! Donc, j'ai téléchargé 10 de son chansons *giggle (comment ça dit-on en français?)*

Aussi, j'ai trouvé un communauté très chouette ici au livejournal... C'est pour les gens qui apprendent l'anglais comme douxième langue - parfait pour "dorks" comme moi qui veut parler avec les gens qui aime l'anglais avec le même passion que j'aime le français... Vrai

Eh...... Je me sens comme mon français est plus terrible que j'ai pensé =( Alors, je m'en vais

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The trivia that is Summer Camp [01 Jan 2004|01:44pm]
[ mood | contemplative ]

Ugh... This whole immersion camp 2004 biz is bugging me!

So I'm really uneasy about the whole En Français à Québec thing... I don't want to go to some place for 5 weeks and then hate it! And now that I have a lot more to miss at home, I wouldn't want to get unbearably homesick... Y'know? Because last year I did, and I really didn't have anything to miss at home - not like I do now! And this is two and and a half times as long - and I don't even bloody know the people!

I think I'd probably be a lot better off going back to PIAF

I love the PIAF people so much (PIERRE!!!! MARIE-CLAUDE!!!!!!! And that girl whose name I don't remember that called me "Michelle, Ma Belle" all the time!!!!!!) and the town is so fab... and I haven't visited the whole town yet (Natasha's day trip...) - and even then there's so much more to it! If I were to get a bus pass... I could go everywhere! And - if for some odd reason I'm still in IB by the end of the year - there are 5 libraries in the Trois-Rivieres area... Plus it's more of a small town so it's probably less diluded by outside opinions, like a large town like Quebec would tend to be - y'know?

And the price - um... yeah! The En Français folk are kinda messed up with their payment process (a $2000 post-dated cheque - WHAT?!) and then there's PIAF who takes all major credit cards...

And I know them! I know that they won't kill me - I know that they aren't some stuck up bible-thumpers which, as far as I know, the En français people could be... And 5 weeks is a long time to hate something

I have yet to check out if the trains work for PIAF - must go check... right now LOL Maybe I could even not have to be in Canada at 6 am - that'd be happy!

And the thing about that is, there's a shuttle bus from the Montréal train station to the airport where PIAF folk will be... So I get on that shuttle and find my way to International arrivals, where Pierre will be - and I'm set... And if I for some odd reason couldn't take the PIAF shuttle - I could just get on the intercity bus (such fun!) and get to Trois-Riviéres that way for like $20 Canadian

Travel is so much fun - but rather frusterating at times LOL

Ok, well I'm going to go now - more later =)

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*le sigh* [22 Dec 2003|01:06am]
[ mood | giddy ]

oh how I love winter break! It gives me time on a Sunday night to be a freak and look at all kinds of freak-ass french stuff

case and point

And the funniest thing is, the french on there is HORRID! But I love it anyway... I do believe I'll have fun with that teehee

But anyway, I found this chick who is an IB kid in a very Qubecois kinda way... They have a totally different education system there which I'm absolutely in LOVE with... They have certain "courses" for you to follow - they have the classes all picked out for you... and like this other guy who goes to american quebecois school is in an arts one where it's basically all the classes I'm taking and yeah... it just makes me laugh, I guess...

I swear to god, I was quebecoise in my last life!

I really really wish my boy was french - it would make my life much easier! Oh well

So I got some more freaky ass music - so much fun! It's like the shit my daddy used to play for me when I was little... only in french lol SO freakin cool

Right - I'm going now =)


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I <3 staying home from school [15 Dec 2003|12:26pm]
[ mood | busy ]

WOW - So I'm having wayyyy too much fun playing with my cam corder today! Last night my parents asked if we could take stills off of some of their tapes and I'm like "yeah, duh... wait a sec!" And remembered I had a tape full of Quebec stuff that I didn't get still shots of... SO I went through the tape this morning and took off about 70 pics of Quebec stuff which I've managed to widdle down to 19... So here those 19 are, complete with commentary - ENJOY

My pixCollapse )


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omg [06 Dec 2003|12:01pm]
the train works - the train effing works!

I'll have to be in Windsor Canada by 6 in the morning - but besides that - all the times line up! 3 crossovers but whatever - it's bloody canada! woooooooooooot =D

So I had thought it was only about $120 american - that was definatly only one way... OH WELL - it's still only $260 HALF the price of flying! wooooooot
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*dies* [06 Dec 2003|12:03am]
[ mood | giddy ]


I just found a new immersion camp that's right in Quebec City!!!!!!!!!!!!! HOLY HELL

For the past 2 or 3 weeks I've had a dream about Quebec City almost every night - it's a fucking sign!

... it's 5 weeks long though! But it's a couple weeks later so I'd only have to have my b-day a week early - which isn't bad at all! But if there was a band camp - it just might interfere... and it's basically my whole summer

but think about the Extended Essay!!!! How much better would it be if it was in the capital of the province where everything governmental takes place - where all the demostrations have taken place - It's so fucking perfect!!!!

*le sigh*

It's a bit more expensive eventually - but upfront it's cheaper! And omg - the trainstation in Quebec City is fucking GORGEOUS

Must... make it... through the school year... until... SUMMER


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[21 Nov 2003|07:17pm]
[ mood | happy ]

THE PIAF 2004 WEBSITE IS UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

you have NO clue how happy I am!!!!!! *biggest sigh of relief* And the coolest part?? There's only a 4-week programme this year! So I for sure have to go for an entire month!!!!!!! *boogie on down*

AND I've got all but a few songs of Romeo et Juliette downloaded - so I'm making a CD like... right now JOY!!!

*le sigh* tis a good day for french =)


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*bounce bounce bounce* [12 Nov 2003|04:09pm]
[ mood | bouncy ]


I have an extended essay topic!!! *huger than life grin*

I went in and talked to Mme today and discussed my proposed topic and it is so totally going to work!! I somehow managed to pick out a near perfect topic for the area I want to do it in - so that was super cool... Now I get to do research that basically comprises finding Québecois newspapers and magazines and comparing them based on Separatist and non-separatist issues and whatnot - SOOOOOO EXCITED!

AND I have a new college to look at ooooooh... McGill University in Montréal! Mme said it is a gorgeous school that simply loves the IB - SHIBBY! And it's in the middle of a huge bilingual city with lots of fun things to explore... and that whole raising kids bilingual thing is just so cool and perfect for that - like woah! oh good ness - I'm just so happy right now *glee*

Whenever I go to see Mme, my french always gets such a huge self-esteem boost! And it makes me really happy to know I'm not the only one who thinks that I am more than just proficent in the language =D so happy!

Right - well I must be going


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