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I <3 staying home from school

WOW - So I'm having wayyyy too much fun playing with my cam corder today! Last night my parents asked if we could take stills off of some of their tapes and I'm like "yeah, duh... wait a sec!" And remembered I had a tape full of Quebec stuff that I didn't get still shots of... SO I went through the tape this morning and took off about 70 pics of Quebec stuff which I've managed to widdle down to 19... So here those 19 are, complete with commentary - ENJOY

This is the park where Barry and I escaped the first week or so... Of course after that he didn't talk to me... But it holds nifty memories all the same

The Sign at the residences - very cool

Just a random picture of the Lower Village - so quaint!

A rather bad example of a Quebecois house - they're seriously different from ours, I swear!

Pierre was playing the guitar across from my room so I ran out with my cam and got him for about 30 seconds... That man has SUCH a kickass voice, OMG

This was the funniest sign ever! For ye who don't speak french, it basically says no parking on thursdays from 8-5 from May to November... SO WEIRD

The rooms had huge closets - I felt compelled to show that LOL

A random speed limit sign - in metric of course

Another shot of the lower ville here - and you can see the spire of one of the gorgeous churches they had there

A bad example of how everyone in Quebec hangs their clothes out to dry

The average (ghetto) Quebecois car - complete with licsense plate

A gas station with french on the sign

A keyboard with french accents and stuff on it - it took me a while to get used to it LOL... I want one of these, but they're bloody hard to find

The only food/convienent store that wasn't a 45 minute walk away

My desk... in my room

The coolest chair I've ever seen

The carton Rouge I got for watching a show about Harry Potter in English... I had to wash dishes - how vile!

MY BABY BRUCE!!!!! Enough said

And last but not least, a stop sign in french... woot!

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