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*le sigh*

oh how I love winter break! It gives me time on a Sunday night to be a freak and look at all kinds of freak-ass french stuff

case and point

And the funniest thing is, the french on there is HORRID! But I love it anyway... I do believe I'll have fun with that teehee

But anyway, I found this chick who is an IB kid in a very Qubecois kinda way... They have a totally different education system there which I'm absolutely in LOVE with... They have certain "courses" for you to follow - they have the classes all picked out for you... and like this other guy who goes to american quebecois school is in an arts one where it's basically all the classes I'm taking and yeah... it just makes me laugh, I guess...

I swear to god, I was quebecoise in my last life!

I really really wish my boy was french - it would make my life much easier! Oh well

So I got some more freaky ass music - so much fun! It's like the shit my daddy used to play for me when I was little... only in french lol SO freakin cool

Right - I'm going now =)

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