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Holy shit

this is me in heaven!!!!!!!

... Anything and everything I ever wanted to know about french - honestly! Made for freaques JUST like me... so weird!

And the funniest part is I found it whilst looking for a chatroom!

In other news...

My parents are super tossing up the idea of driving to Quebec - how cool??

That way, they'd get to see my obsession - and I would too hahaha

Not to mention, it's hella cheaper which means more spending money for me which is always a happy thing

they're for sure going to send in the payment soon!! *bounce*

Right, well I'm home from school and haven't so much as touched homework yet, so I best get going... Toodloo!

OH~! and I've been finding soooo much super shibby music lately - holy hell!

My new favs: Tyro, La Chicane (Cabrel gone Quebecois, I swear), Patrick Bruel (if Cab did a cover of his song, you know he's got to be good), Saez (weird = cool) and Danny Bédar (he sounds american - omg).............. *in heaven*

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