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wow - I haven't updated this journal in ages

In the realm of H.S. French, things are actually looking up... Borgess really isn't that horrible, when she's not trying to teach us the hardest thing for a native speaker to teach... She's freaking adorable, really... I've learned how to do an English-speaking French accent woot...

I had my oral before spring break and holy hell it went well! That's when I really started like Borgess becuase she was so damn nice to me! After she ranted to me for over half an hour (in French because she realized I could actually understand her when she spoke at a normal rate), I realized how tough this job must be on her and how trapped she must feel not being able to talk normal to anyone, even her highest level class! So yes, peace has been made with her

Lol, I haven't even told this journal about PIAF yet - damn... Basically, I'm most likely (leaning very strongly to almost certainly) not going... Because my band is going to England next year, where I would die to go! The primary reason why I love Quebec so much is because of its European charm... Guess what, England is Europe! AND there's the whole being away from home for an entire month issue... Like, it's not that I woudln't adore being in Quebec for that long, but if the people were to be anything like last year without a Natasha (aka someone very much like me with a high level of sanity) - I totally wouldn't make it! Hell, I was homesick during the 2 weeks, I'd hate to think what it would be like for an entire month! And this is my last real summer of Highschool, I want to enjoy all of it, damnit! If I were to go, I would literally have 3 weeks of summer - GROSS... And then there's the whole Cam issue - this is our last chance to spend time together before he goes off to college - which will suck major... Being apart for an entire month really isnt' ideal in that situation...

Besides, then I will be bloody rich for England (whcih is only 10 days, btw)

AAAAAAAAAANNND, I can spend a little bit of the money (like... $40 - 50) on some of the french music I want to buy... Like Francis Cabrel's Hors-Saison *dies*

Speaking of Hors-Saison, I just made a completely personal interpretation of that song today, I was so proud of myself! And I think it may actually be close to what it really means - wooooooooooooot... The DVD of that album would be totally shibby too mmmmmmmm... or Romeo et Juliette holy hell *faint*... maybe I'll go look that up!!!!!!

Right, well I think I'm going to go now... Au Revior!

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