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Le Club de Français

ooooh, I'm excited!

Ok, so a few weeks ago (like... the last day of school) I decided that I wanted to revive the French club at Northern... It'd be fun, potentially inform me of other french nuts at my school, pretty much ensure me the French department award, and make colleges take a second glance at my application... cool, no?

But since Northern has a bunch of Communists in admin., I knew I'd need teacher support (basically, someone to babysit us during the meetings)... Well since Madame is, as far as I know, still battling cancer, I wrote Mr. Perk an e-mail...

Then 3 weeks passed

Finally, I saw him yesterday at Zeil's open house - it was weird because just as we were leaving, Zeil mentioned something to me about French and we stopped to chat for a few minutes... Right as we were turning to leave, who else but Mr. Perk walked in! Twas perfect

So I went up to him and told him to check his school e-mail... And then said that I wanted to revive the club and he got all happy and said he'd love to help me out XD So I'm very happy now

Soooo, that means that I've got to figure out the different things I need for this mother and get some plans worked up... I'm soooooooooooo excited!!!

Right, well I'm out now

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