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this is so weird!

ok, so I was just looking for a new picture to put on this journal, right? and I came across this website... I'm looking at some of the photos and they are seriously some of the few memories I have of Quebec City... So I feel a need to show these to you, because it's CREEPY

Ok, so I have a picture just like this one of the lower town, just from a different angle

And the park just to the right of this picture (where the tree is) is where I spent my entire day, reading Harry Potter with Natasha

This is also near that park, the red umbrella is where Natasha and I bought a bottle of water because we were so thirsty from sitting in the park

This is right down the street from the restaurant where we ate dinner.... I remember running up this street to the lifts you can see at the top of the picture... Our waitor paid our fares (all 6 of us!)

This is the park across the street from the Chateau, where we sat for a while and read... For some reason, I dont' rightly remember, I washed my feet in that fountain! And I remember watching people walk by, sitting on the low wall on the right of this pic... And we read from right about the place this picture was taken from, right in the shadow of the chateau

I have a picture practically identical to this one from Montmorency

wow, this pic is cool, it's of the mural that covers the building... it seriously looks soo real! This is a really great pic of it

So yeah, those are the super cool, yet strangely freaky pics that I found on the internet *bookmark* hehe


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