<~<Martine>~> (jumelledelalune) wrote,

Cercle Français

Hey, long time no see

So...... French club started on Wednesday! Twas - insane.

I didn't expect as many people to be there as there were, we had something like 20 show up!

Most of them were underclassmen, however there were about 4 or 5 from my class =) It made me a very happy Frenchie

Major downfall : Mr. Perk decided that 'the kids' would like it more if we watched Spider-Man with French dubbing rather than an actually French movie... Wtf, mate?

And so, having already seen the movie numerous times, most everyone left early. Actually, everyone left early. I really dont' think this would have happened if it had been a movie that was interesting and nobody had seen before. Even like, Amélie or something. But whatever =)

I got a bunch of people's e-mail addresses so I'm going to send them links and whatnot - twill be fun =)

Aaaaaand yeah - it was an adventure

But now, I'm off to do that whole school thing teehee


P.S. Yesterday I got Anne-Claire (see below post) on my partner map for French. That makes me very happy, considering that well... she's french LOL
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